About me // 关于我

您好,感谢您访问我的网页。我知道,在互联网上为(安迪,安德鲁, PORTSITEAndyStudio , AndiStudiya ) Andrew和我一直在做网站设计,广告,摄影,通常作为自由职业者。摄影自1996年以来,有文凭的摄影师,以及在电影和电视导演高等教育MGUKI主修。学习新的前景互联网。可惜我不住在中国,开心来找你,如果你邀请:)这个网站的目的是为用户在中国大陆,台湾,韩国,日本,大家谁明白只有字符。镜www.andystudio.ru 。这个网站是一种展示我的工作,我希望你喜欢他们。写。

Hello, thanks for visiting my page . I know in the internet as ( Andy , Andrew , AndyStudio, AndiStudiya ) Andrew and I have been doing web site design, advertising , photography , generally as free-lance. Photography since 1996, have a diploma of the photographer , as well as higher education MGUKI majoring in film and TV director . Learning new prospects internet. Unfortunately I do not live in China , happy to come to you if you invite :) This site is intended for users in China, Taiwan , Korea , Japan, everyone who understands only characters . Mirror www.andystudio.ru. This site is a kind of exhibition of my work , I hope you enjoy them . Write.